Our sole mission is to connect with people – globally, where what you do matters more than what you are.

uraaVi is a socialized magazine that has been stated in a light of hope to bring people together, to help them know your stories and in the same way you can know their stories.

The main aim of our page is to help people together and to help them connect for a better understanding of humanity. With the growth in the page and also as per visitors choice, we have taken a step forward and also started an entertainment page where people of various ideas and ideology can share their ideas to make the world a better place. You can share various ideas on various topics like health, beauty, humor, etc. Showcase your skills and ideas here and join our page on this successful journey of connecting people.

The Galaxy of Ideas

An average human gets a number of ideas per day. Why drown your ideas when you can showcase them to the world? uraaVi is a major platform that can help you in showing your skills. Let it be in science, technology, medicine, language, health, beauty, shopping, entertainment, opportunities, we have got them all. The creativity of yours is the boundary.

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What do we do?

We are a dedicated team who work on the sole purpose of proving a user-friendly experience to our family. We tend to provide a unique platform for all the people irrespective of the age and the other factors. uraaVi believes that apart from the skills, the voice and presentation of the person are equally important.

For the future, present and the past- Technology and science

Technology and science are the evergreen topics that 90% of people are interested in. Every person uses tech in every aspect of life. So if a word, science or tech comes into your mind, remember the savior would be uraaVi.

Improving Education, the pillar of life

Find all the expertise that would be needed to help you in improving your education and ultimately knowledge. uraaVi strives to provide you with as much as knowledge and education.

Get motivation and inspiration

Need a push or want a motivation for the demotivated self? We have your back! Explore various motivational stories and speeches that would inspire you to reach your higher aspirations and goals.

Creators also have our warm welcomes and hugs

Creativity is the stepping stone of success and as we create we also appreciate and welcome other creators who want to give their valuable contribution to us. Any kind of creativity in any field is always hankered after by us.

Products, Services and Brands

uraaVi creates its own brand, services, and the products that are essential for the people, connecting them, educating them and apart from these, we also want to make your life simple.. Here are some of the brands that we have created.


vision. to reality.

A creative hub which provides creative solutions to all your problems.


Creatiya is a Brand Strategy Design Consultancy company of uraaVi that will come to your rescue your businesses as we help you grow, launch products and build enduring relationships with their communities

A smart solution to take care of all your works related to the field of education.


Edu is an ultimate management system designed especially for the educational institutes. Bridge all the faculty, students with one software, which makes administration, even more, easier and allows you to concentrate on more important aspects.


spread the smart education.


let's do business. smartly.

An user-friendly software to manage your business smartly.


Choose, enable and try only the products that you want to. Smart B provides a huge number of services for your everyday management needs like ERP (Sales, human resources, logistic, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, etc) to simplify your daily activities and make the life for relaxed.

Besides our professional agenda, we also have a strict social propaganda...

We believe in unity and hence we have a profound principle to help the poor and needy people.

Providing helping hand to the inspirational and motivational stories to reach more people.

We believe in empowering women to reach new heights of success.

That’s all about us, what about your story?

Join us in the amazing journey by working with us


uraaVi has a friendly team of workers and we aspire to provide a place where you can work in a coordination and in a stress-free environment. We look for people who like to work and are dedicated for us and feel uraaVi as their family as we feel you are own family. Join us in something cool and let us make the world a better place.


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