Men are fond of hairstyles. For that, you need a ‘comb’ right? Now, what is a ‘comb’? A comb maybe one of the oldest tools discovered by archaeologists but today also it remains your one & only companion for arranging your hair.

uraaVi will be helping you out to pick few combs suitable for your style –

1) Pocket Comb

If you want to have a handy tool then this comb wishes to stay in your pocket all day. Present generation men prefer this a lot. Comprises of a much finer teeth on one of its sides. It is a purposeful tool too, so most of the men are familiar with it.

2) Rake Comb

Do you know why this comb is known as ‘Rake Comb’? This comb resembles a garden rake. It’s an excellent tool for untangling your long hair. It can act as your hair straightening tool also. So! A combo pack for your hair is here.

3) Teasing Comb

If you have a thin hair, stop worrying because the ‘Teasing Comb’ is always there for you. It appears to look like a rat-tail comb which has a dinner fork attached to it. You can use this comb to straighten your hair. If you are curious to give your hair a stretchy look, this comb is your perfect partner.

4) Barber Comb

One of the popular combs you got accustomed to! Hits a boundary when you plan to trim or cut your hair. You can taper these combs to give you varieties of unique options.

There are several types of combs available in the outlets till date. But the above gizmos help a modern man like you to stay decently groomed.



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