Review of ‘Messi’ (2017)

The magical change and inspiration for all Bengali Film

Director:  Riingo Banerjee

Producer:  Pradip Churiwal

Production company: Macneill Engineering

Cast and Crew:

Aryann Bhowmick
Ronodeep Bose
Chaiti Ghosal
Rana Mitra

Pradip Churiwal presents Messi a Bengali movie which is directed by Ringo Banerjee, released on 9th Jun.
This film features Aryan Bhoumick, Ronodeep Bose, Chaiti Ghoshal, Rana Mitra, Aishika

Messi is a story about two brothers. The elder brother Prosun doesn’t do anything except loitering around with his girlfriend and fixing local football matches for his brother from who he gets a share of winning money. The younger brother Chotu, who use wears the jersey titled Messi, is highly gifted in soccer (football) skills. He is the pride of his family and the hope of their father who once used to be a football coach and lost a match by his own student. While attending one such match which Prosun arranges for Chotu, an accident happens and Chotu looses his leg. By looking up to his brother Prosun highly felt guilty and takes the path of his younger brother.

The moral of the story is everyone can be a Messi if he works hard for himself and to move ahead in life make someone your inspiration and create your own identity.
This film is applaudable, excellent performance by Aryan Bhoumik as Chotu and Ronodeep Bose as Prosun. Ringo Banerjee gave his best shot, the movie has a perfect turnover from the second half of the movie. The movie is having a good storyline. It’s a must watch a movie.


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