Review of movie “Baje Chobi”

Baje Chobi will actually make your day happening

Director: Anirban Paria

Producer:  Sriram Mital (Boom Media Production

Cast and Crew: Koushik Sen, Priyanka Sarkar, Soumitra Chatterjee

Boom media presents Baje Chobi which is directed by Anirban Paria, released at the box office on 2nd June and has earned good bucks on its first day of release.
On highlighting the movie title, you must be thinking why suddenly Paria has chosen the name Baja Chobi which means “Bad Film or movie”?

This is story based on a life of a legit filmmaker Avik. Whatever movie he makes it gets to a bad luck but he never loses his hope and tries again. By looking at his random failures, Priyanka Sarkar (Wife) started insulting him and tells him to do other jobs instead of making dangle movies. After his lives, a frustrated life Avik was admitted to hospital and started fighting with his life. After that, his wife admitted his value and decides to assists her husband to the end. You will also see that Soumitra Chatterjee plays a very critical role in Avik’s life as a guide.

You will see a very realistic touch in this movie made by Paria will defiantly tear up your eyes at the end. Overall the movie has a very good storyline, obviously, all the actors did an excellent job and made it the must watch movie. Paria did a marvellous job after his 1st movie “Ebong Kiriti”(released in March 2017).


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