The Latest Trend – Violence In The Name Of God !

Almost all violence across the globe has something in common – imbecile,barbaric and mechanic murder in the name of the merciful God. How can God, who is loving , caring and merciful can be so related to something that is dark and horrifying, Death?

Funny how someone’s God can be threatening to someone else. Christians would blame the Islamists, Islamists would blame the Jews and somehow all of them would blame the Hindus. The feeling of superiority of one’s God over the other is so intense that we forget that we are challenging the only truth – all paths lead to the same God. Instead of finding God in us, we are engaged in finding God in the victory of our individual religion.

Competing against the other Gods is perhaps the most engaging and exciting feat for some “religious” people. We have a particular God, a misguiding priest , a herd of blind followers and what we get is a massive soulless war with no beginning and no end. Question is : I have read the Gita, the Quran, the Bible and I don’t recall any God asking mercilessly for a surge of human sacrifice. Who can be the fabricator of such a mutual feeling of competition of religions or should we say “The war of Gods “?

Intending to find the answer to this question, it naturally comes to the ultimate question – Who or What is God ? This pulls up some more inevitable questions. Have we seen him? Did He ask us to fight for him with each other ? The answer to the first question is ‘ No ‘ unless we are some prophet or a Mirabai. How then can we fight with such brutality for something we haven’t seen or touched? Why then do we rage a war on the slightest name of the Formless God?

Well, all I can say is God can be easier to find for a person close to earth,poorer in nature and clearer in mind and heart. No amounts of war can bring us close to the Supreme Power. Every time you hurt someone’s religious sentiments by tearing down temples and burning masjids ,you are distancing yourself a mile away from God.

Don’t relate God to inhumanity. Let God remain divine and Good



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