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Join your hands with us and share your valuable time, knowledge and effort with us. We at uraaVi believe in work with fun and will help you keep your day as good and stress-free as possible.

Why uraaVi?

We don’t restrict your ideas and ideology to one place. Explore as much as you can and we give you the freedom to try something new and innovative.

We have an extremely friendly team to support you to the core in every moment with us.

We provide equal opportunity and scope just as any person with you.

Hot Openings

Currently, we are hiring the persons for certain department. Please do check the eligibility criteria and apply. Do contact us for any queries.

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Opportunities for all, where a degree doesn't matter. Skills Matters.

As an employee friendly company as well as a talent hunger company, we want the best employees with the best skills irrespective of the qualification. We prioritize your knowledge and skills to your educational degree.

Engineering, Technology & Development

The passion for technology is what makes a good engineer and we strongly agree with that. You love engineering, you will love uraaVi.

Designs & Creatives

Creators are very rare and the ones with extreme creativity are almost close to zero percent. We at uraaVi encourage any kind of creativity that benefits us.

Journalism & Mass Communication

The person who strives for information and gets the work done by gathering the gossips and the news is desired by Uraavi. We love news just as much as you do.  

Content Creators, Photography, Video Journalism

The backbone of any page that makes the page or the site more beautiful with their art of photography and videography. Showcase your skills and you will be the most wanted by us.

Marketing & Communication

If you have a passion for communication, love socializing and meeting new people and have cool ideas for showing the world about uraaVi, get in touch with us soon.

Sales, Service Support

We require people with the best communication skills as well the best convincing skills and have the skill of resolving the customer’s problem. You have even more chances to work with us if you feel our company like yours and strive to do the best for us.

How can I join the tribe?

Just fill in the form and let us know your interests, the department you would love to work for and the skills that you possess along with all of your personal details and don’t forget to submit your resume. We will get back to you if you are the one.

Here is How you will be a part of our family

Fill in the details given on the page along with your skills and contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or just contact us personally or simply drop an email



Fill in the details given on the page along with your skills and contact details and we will contact you as soon as possible. Or just contact us personally or simply drop an email.



We test for your skills for the department you have applied and see if they match our requirement. More the skills more are your chance of getting into uraaVi.



The final call will be given to the right candidate and you will be ready to join the coolest family where we work as friends rather than colleagues.

We believe that a human irrespective of castes, creed, regions, religion or any other disparities is the same and we also believe every human should be treated equally along with providing equal opportunities.


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