A letter to the black doll

Being dark wasn’t part of her plan.

Yet she got ridiculed for it. Ridiculed for the colour she wore as a skin. The colour she was blessed with.

People would look at her and say, “I bet you 30 bucks you can’t see her at night”.

Fair-skinned girls would cringe at her and say ,

“I bet she spends half her day thinking what colours to wear.”

Their squeals of laughter ringed against her heart like a gong. Their disgusted expressions made her rueful of crimes she never committed…

She remembers all the names her peers used to call her in school. She changed schools to get rid of the bullying. That didn’t happen. She remembers her high-school crush.

He rejected her because he doesn’t date “Dark girls”. His friends laughed at her embarrassment. Friends suggested her to look for dark-skinned boys. Her mother bothered her every day with numerous face masks and fairness creams…

She wanted to scream, “Its genetics, Ma. What about some support?”

Advertises for fairness creams angered her more. She never wanted to compete with fair-skinned girls. They did nothing to make themselves the paragon of beauty. It feels wrong to fight a war she knows she’s never gonna win.The society is such a prejudiced space. Nothing is ever perfect.

Colourism has taken such a stand in the society and people’s mind that even if people were supportive of the fact that you have a dark skin color, they will still discriminate you . “Remember the  black girl we met yesterday?”

She once asked a boy,

“Black t-shirt is your favorite, yet you reject girls because they are black?”

She wants to ask the society,

“You worship Kali, yet you host intolerance towards black-skinned people. Why?”

The answer was strange. She got blocked by the boy on Facebook and society blocked her out from its hotlist!

She came to me asking for a satisfactory answer. I addressed,

“You are like the night sky, your smile is the crescent moon

And your eyes shine like the stars.

Throw away your skin-bleaching creams;there is no dirt on your skin

Don’t scrub so harsh.

Don’t wonder why people with your skin colour don’t appear often  on commercials

You are too dark and powerful to handle.

Girl,you are dark and yet not darkness,

Your breast may be dark,but you are not heartless

Believe in your skin,realize you are the win.

You are the Power ,above all you tower.

Dear Sister, you don’t need to please a mister.

Know you are boundless, You are the master.”

Concept and Photography: Debarghya Mukherjee

Model: Anamika

Makeup: Reshmi & Kohinoor

Style: Kohinoor



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