8 Signs that you are a pure-hearted Bengali

1) Rosogollas

Bengal is a land of sweets, but nothing can beat this white, spongy paradise. Yes, it’s Rosogolla, the King himself. To top its sweetness, West Bengal won the GI tag for our favorite Rosogolla. It had to be our first point.

2) Nandan


What’s better than Ac movie halls at the cheapest price? Nandan is the most important hangout place for all Bengalis, be it for romance, movies or just normal “adda”.

3) Esplanade / New Market / Gariahat/ Hatibagan

There’s a bit of a bargainer in every Bengali and no one provides a better arena for us than these places.


4) Lyadh

Lyadh is your favorite past-time. Without it, you are lifeless. Quite interestingly, when you are lifeless, Lyadh is the most desirable phenomena.

5) Boroline

This comes in a green tube or a “Dabba” with a characteristic smell. It’s the miracle cure to anything under the sun; Mosquito bites, chapped lips, cuts, redness, rashes, you name it.If you are a Bengali, this tube has definitely saved your asses sometimes. Needless to say, we prefer Boroline more than Vaseline!

6) Ilish Mach

The only competitor to “mangsho- bhat”( rice and meat), the Hilsa fish is a vital dish in a Bengali household. The celebration calls for “ilish”. Sometimes, it’s the other way round. There’s no dish under the sun, that we haven’t tried with this fish.

7)Embarrassing pet names

You really dread your mother calling out your pet name in front of your non- Bengali friends. Bengali friends understand this problem, they are comrades in this situation, you have competitions for the worst nickname. But, non-Bengali friends? A big no-no.

8) Bengali sense of humor

Bengalis are known for their weird sense of humor, mostly self-scathing in nature.

Some examples are :
1) I had seen a fuel tank on a bus with the writing “Janma thekei jolchi” ( Burning from birth).
2) ” Dekhbi ar jolbi,luchir Moto fulbi. ”
3) When Mamata came, “Bam gelo, Bama Elo”.



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