Ankita – The new talent to watch out for

Ankita Majumdar is not a small name anymore.

Shot to fame with her first serial called ‘Megher Palok’, Ankita is grabbing attention with her charming personality and brilliant acting.

                     Coming from Moforshol, the journey wasn’t easy for this talented lady. Ankita was born and brought up in a conservative family, where both her parents believe in higher studies and a corporate career. Breaking all the rules, Ankita dared to follow her dreams.

                         Ankita came to Kolkata with a craving to become an actress. However, strings of rejections greeted Ankita, after she set her foot in the industry. But her determination pulled her through all the bad days. Her major break came when she was selected for the role of ‘Ellena’ in Joy Mukherjee’s serial ‘Megher Palok.

Her acting skill was critically acclaimed and appreciated by many people throughout West Bengal. Since then there was no looking back for this beautiful lady. Just few years down the line, Ankita grabbed the supporting role in ‘Jorowar Jhumko’, which airs on Zee Bangla.
So what motivated this Master Degree holder to take up acting as a career?
There is a story behind this as well. As Ankita grew up in a traditional family, she never risked to speak her mind out in front of her parents. She was too scared that her dream of becoming an actress will get rejected. Fate had other plans; Ankita was inspired by the blockbuster movie ‘3 Idiots’ which was released in 2009. This movie urged her to follow her heart and her passion. She understood there is no point in fighting a lost battle, because acting is all her heart craved for. Ankita finally decided to call the shots and step into the glam industry.
The path was not easy, her track was paved with thorns, but Ankita never gave up. Ankita believes that like her, the newbies in the industry should also stick to what they want.

As a person, Ankita is extremely loving and caring. She believes in hard work and dedication. Ankita is also outspoken, she didn’t stammer at all to reveal that she would love to date Hrithik Roshan if given a chance.

uraaVi had a fun time talking to Ankita Majumdar, here is wishing her all the best for her future.

Anchor: Sweety RoyChowdhury

Photography: Abir Mukherjee (9051144216)

Co-Photographer & Videography: Arzu Karim

Retouch: Dipu

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