Kim Kardashian’s Daughter’s Name Makes Fans React

Kim Kardashian is no doubt the most famous face of social media. This is the face fans love and want to see over and over again. Her baby daughter’s name has also become famous in social media. It has attracted both appreciation and jokes.

Some of the Twitter users’ have quickly accepted the name Kim Kardashian has chosen for her daughter. The name is Chicago. This is a clear reference to the home town of Kanye West.

There are fans who expressed their love for the name of the baby daughter. Some just said that they liked the name. Some, however, could not keep themselves from making joke about the baby name. The have asked why Kim did not choose to name her daughter wild west.

The third baby of Kim Kardashian and Kanye is a surrogate baby. Kim had suffered from complications in her previous two pregnancies. These have made it difficult for her to carry yet another one.








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