Know who Andrew Cunanan is before watching ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’

The story of Andrew Cunanan who is the murderer of a fashion designer plus, 4 other people shapes the larger portion of the second season of the American Crime Story, ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’. The show is to premiere on Jan 17 but, it’s best to know about Cunanan before watching the season. So, here goes:

  • Andrew Cunana who was born in California, National City in the year 1969 receive the lavish attention his mother, an Italian American and his father, a Filipino American serving in the military. Cunanan was the youngest lad among the four children.
  • He was tagged by his classmates of his school in San Diego as “Most Likely to be remembered.” ‘Twas a school for wealthy people but, Cunanan’s parents were not wealthy.
  • Cunanan dropped out of the University of San Diego & moved to San Francisco. It is said that he initially put up in Berkeley with a wealthy friend of his and later began to lie about having connections to famous and rich people, going by the alias of Andrew DeSilva.
  • As per Vulgar Favors written by Maureen Orth, in 1990 Versace was in San Francisco because he had for the designed the costumes for Capriccio, a San Francisco Opera production. It was during his stay in the town that Versace had a brief meet with Cunanan. Orth’s Vulgar Favor truly is the base for The Assassination of Gianni Versace.
  • Having no steady job Cunanan moved back to San Diego. Meanwhile, according to Orth, Cunanan began dealing drugs.
  • After his second murder, Cunanan took off to Chicago where he murdered a real-estate developer and then in New Jersey he killed William Reese.
  • He spent 2 months undetected in Miami Beach and moved closer to Versace mansion & lived in a houseboat.
  • Gianni Versace was murdered by Cunanan with a gun shot at the front steps of the Versace Mansion.
  • After that Cunanan fled to the houseboat and shot himself with the very same gun that he use to kill his last 3 victims.


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