Lip-lock scenes of Bollywood that became famous

What is a movie if it, especially a Bollywood movie if it doesn’t contain just about the right masala and ingredients in the shape of drama, action, comedy and does not miss out on Romance. It Bollywood has woven some fantastic romance-packed love stories that have won many hearts. It is true that Bollywood or movies in India do not really show clear-cut lovemaking scenes. But, by far the movie makers of Bollywood do not seem to shy away mush from composing kissing scenes. As a matter of fact, few of the kissing scenes of the Hindi movies have emerged to be highly popular even though they have pulled in noticeable controversy. However, whatever the case is, these famous lip-lock scenes surely are sensational & have been forever etched in the Indian cinema history.

Kamal Hassan & Rani Mukherji in Hey Ram:

Kamal Hassan’s acting finesse has certainly made him popular in the industry but, his countless numbers of erotic scenes with the female leads of his films are also well known.  The time when Rani was cast in Hey Ram opposite Kamal, she was taken as a girl-next-door actor. In a love-making scene, the duo had locked lips and that had thus, raised several eyebrows.

Amir-Karishma in Raja Hindustani:

Amir, of all Bollywood actors, is highly praised and known for his decent behavior and creative fitness on screen. Even though he had to do a love-making scene for a film it would be counted by the audience as aesthetic. But, you sure cannot wipe off the image of Raja Hindustani that had a minute-long kissing scene between the two leads.

Tanushree-Emraan in Aashiq Banaya Aapne:

Emraan Hashmi from the very start of his career in Bollywood gained the title of “serial kisser”. So, it is only fitting that gets a grand place on the list of the most memorable kissing scenes in Hindi movies. Back in his early career days, his steamy kissing scene in Aashiq Banaya Aapne with co-actor Tanushree was tagged as the very best on-screen kiss.

Madhuri Dixit & Vinod Kanna in Dayavan:

This duo, in the film Dayavan has left the audience completely zapped, to say the least, with their sweltering chemistry especially because Madhuri was reputed in Bollywood for her clear image in movies. Back then in the Mumbai film circles, their steamy scene in the film Dayavan had become a smoking debatable topic.

Himanshu and Mallika Sherawat in Khwahish:

Who can forget Mallika Sherawat’s, the sex icons seventeen smooches with co-actor Himanshu Malik in the movie Khwahish? No one, that is for sure. Mallika surely deserves a hats-off as the record still remains unbeaten.

Make some Dhoom for Ash & Hrithik:

When everyone has assumed that beauty queen Aishwarya Rai would probably stick to playing only meaty roles in films (having started dating Abhishek Bachchan), she too everyone by a surprise in Dhoom 2. The hot and passionate sudden kiss between Hrithik and Ash in the movie was the talk of the B-town for what seems to be quite some time.



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