No TV & Video Games in the House for Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz, the actor of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is too worried about the increasing exposure of the children of the current generation to television, video games and the digital world as a whole. Speaking admittedly of being anxious and worrisome all her life the 43 year old actress said, “”When you become a mother, you worry about different things, but it’s a substitution of worries.” She also spoke of what exactly her worry is, “I worry for the future generations of children that spend hours every day on video games or television or they are given a phone at 11 or access to the internet and no control of the time of using it.”

Penelope although is ok with the age-necessity!

All she wants is for the children to truly take time o experience the nature that’ll help in their development. She added, “They are not supposed to see material they are not ready to digest yet but I don’t have anything against a few minutes of a cartoon that is age appropriate.”


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