The journey to sweet success – Uro Chithi

The music album Uro Chithi by Sneha Das and its music director Pratik Karmakar releases his fifth music album this June in presence of esteemed guests, Samrat Mukherjee, Anindita Sarkar, Pratyush Ghosh (DGM Metro Railway, Kolkata), Gourab Chatterjee and Arnab Bhattacharya.

The lyricist of “Uro Chithi” is Sagnik Dam.


There are 5 modern Bengali songs

  • Uro Chithi
  • Kotha Dao Opekkha
  • Ontoheen
  • Beche Thakar thikana
  • Kotha Doa (unplugged).


After Pratik Karmakar has worked as music director in two Tollywood films Ei Shohore and Rupantar, “Uro Chithi” is his 5th album as an Independent Director.

“After the success of Ei Shohore and Rupantar, lyricist Sagnik Dam contacted me to compose the lyrics that he wrote for Uro Chithi”, said Pratik.

Pratik Karmakar worked as the composer, music director, music arranger, and programme, last not the least he even worked as a sound designer in the album.

He added, “I was in a dilemma whether to work in the album as both Sagnik and Sneha were newcomers, but by conducting consecutive 8 workshops with Sneha to make understand the theoretical and practical part of genres which consequently made her comfortable with my composition.”

The specialty of the album Uro Chithi is the fusion of EDM music with acoustic instruments fused with Indian Classical genre, which has never been included in Bengali songs before. EDM music accompanied by acoustic instruments like acoustic duffs, drums, guitars, violin, piano and bass guitars fused with Indian Classical Bengali songs as far.

Pratik said, ” All together it was a new sound for the audience to enjoy and I was a bit nervous about how the audience would react to this new sound of Uro Chithi.”

Sneha has no such experience in EDM music, western and Indian Classical fusion as she is a student of Rabindra Bharati University and has sung only Rabindra Sangeets and few ghazals. In spite of being in another genre, she did the songs nicely and smoothly.

Sneha Das

Pratik Karmakar certainly had worked single-handedly, for the album. Starting from training to preparing the singer that she can properly sing the songs and be professional for the album till the entire audio production.

“I have always worked with the professionals but working with the newcomers was a wonderful journey with responsibility which made me strong and patient”, he added.

After the release within few days, his new sound Uro Chithi starts hitting its fame among many which are effective and soulful. On googling it one would come to know how much people liked his composition, Sneha’s voice, and the arrangements.

” I always believed that the good work always finds it’s way into the mass and with the love, blessings and support all my listeners, supporters and friends. Uro Chithi has also found its way into the heart of the music lovers”, said Pratik.

Finally, he added, ” I enjoy my role thoroughly and I would love to work with this team again in future.”






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