10 unknown facts about The Ramayana

1)King Dasharatha performed Yajna for the birth of Lord Ramayana while he was 60 years old! he was offered a bowl of dessert which he had to share among his wives. Since Sumitra was fed twice, she gave birth to twins!

2)When both of his wives gave birth to no son, Dasharatha decided to marry once again. He married Kaikeyi on the promise that “whoever is born to Kaikeyi, shall be the next King “.  This was called “Kanya-sulka” or the “will of dowry”.

3)The original Ramayana written by Valmiki didn’t mention the

“Laxmanrekha episode”

4)Laxman had a wife, Urmila. She wanted to go with him to the exile since she couldn’t bear the pain of leaving her husband but Laxman refused since exile is dangerous. It is said that Laxman didn’t sleep for 14 years to protect Ram and Sita and his sleep was shared by his wife, Urmila.

5)Sita could easily lift the Shiv Dhanush when she was a child.

6)Kumbhakarna wanted to take the seat of Indra(Indrasaana) once and so he performed a yajna with his brothers. When asking for the boon, his tongue was tied by Saraswati and hence he said: “Nidrasaana”(sleep) instead of Indrasaana.

7)Ravana once visited Kailash, he mocked Nandi (the cow of heaven ). Nandi became furious and cursed Ravana that a monkey will destroy him. Later, Hanuman set Lanka into flames.

8)Sita was the daughter of Bhoomi (Earth).

9)When Rama was a child, he hit Manthara’s hunchback by accident. Manthara thus took revenge on him by poisoning  Kaikeyi’s mind.

10)Ravana was not all bad. He was extremely talented. He was a talented Veena player.Before he breathed his last on the battlefield, Rama asked Lakshmana to learn everything from him.



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