Mother Mary and her title of Peace

Our Lady of Peace is the title of the Virgin Mary in the Roman Catholic Church.

She is also known as Mother of Peace, Queen of Peace, Our Lady Queen of Peace.

In the Roman Catholic Church, she is seen holding a dove and an olive branch. All these are the symbols of peace. Her memorial is celebrated on 9 July all over the world except in Hawaii and few churches of US. There they celebrate her memorial on 24th January.


The traditional story about our lady of peace dates back to the early 1500s. In France, a certain Joyeuse presented the statue to his wife as a wedding gift. It became a cherished family heirloom. Around 1588, their grandson brought the statue to Paris, while he joined the Capuchin Franciscans. In 1657, the Capuchin community created a large chapel in her honor.

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On 9th July, the same year, in front of a huge crowd, enthroned Mother Mary’s statue. During the French Revolution, the capuchins were driven away. The statue was also hidden to prevent its destruction. After the end of the revolution, the statue was brought back. It was later moved on different hands and finally got its place. The statue is made of dark hardwood and is 11 inches tall. Mary is seen holding child Christ on left arm and an olive branch on the right.

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Another traditional story dates back to 1682. When some merchants found an abandoned box on the sea shore. They were unable to open it and tied it on a donkey’s back. When they were passing the parish church, the donkey laid down. Surprisingly they were then able to open the box. They were astonished to find that it contained an image of Mother Mary holding the Child. There was a fight going on among the inhabitants, and after listening to the story they all put their weapons down. This is the reason why Mother Mary was given the title of Our Lady of Peace.

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Mother Mary is the patroness of the ‘Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary’. The first Roman Catholic Church was erected in Hawaii to her. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu is still in continuous use in the use. It is the oldest Roman Catholic Church. Paris and Honolulu host three famous statues of Our Lady of Peace. The original statue of Our Lady of Peace was ceremonially crowned on July 9, 1906, and since then the date has been celebrated as her Feast.


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