Some belief and facts behind RathYatra You didn’t know

Meaning of Rath Yatra or Chariot Journey is self-realization. Rath or Chariot is our body, which is made up of 206 blocks of wood (similar to 206 human body bones).

There are 16 wheels of the Chariot or Rath, which is calculated as per 5 senses, 5 sensory and six symbols similar to the human body.

Rath rope or Chariot rope is similar to the human brain and intelligence which controls the movement of Chariot or human body.

The body of Chariot is God himself or the soul which drives the body in his own will.

“God is the heart of the alliances”

There is nothing with the body, everything is God or Soul’s will who makes the things go properly while you’re on a journey.

After “Ulto Rath” or Reverse chariot journey or back to home journey, once Jagannath gets down from the Chariot, the Chariot was broken down into pieces and the woods are used for cooking food.

If the soul goes out of our body, then that body is no longer important, means the body is burned as dead.

There is nothing left to receive anything from the God of all things.

Happy Rath Yatra to all of you!


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