Top 5 Controversial Paintings of the History


Art has a tendency to be controversial. Throughout the history there are pieces of artwork, from novels to paintings – the artists have left their darker side expressed on the blankness of paper.

Today, we are going to take a look at the top 5 paintings that had given rise to harsh controversy. So, take a plunge into the list of Controversial Paintings.

Rokeby Venus by Diego Velazquez

Female nudity has enticed art time and again. Be it the ancient age or the modern era, female nudity has been the creative stimulation which artists use time to time.

Now, this painting is a rare one which saw the demise of time and era and made it to the modern era. This one was painted in the 17th century. The painter Velazquez had been a notorious one who created controversy with his painting time to time. But, this one particularly has given rise to a lot of conflicts in the later year. This is one of the reasons, why this painting makes it to the top controversial lists all the time.

Sick Bacchus by Caravaggio

This painting does not have a trace of nudity on the canvas. The controversy is not about that when it comes to Caravaggio’s Sick Bacchus. It is the expression. The artist had tried to depict a disease known as Syphilis here. The problem is the artist has painted himself in the painting. He had been suffering from the ailment.

Syphilis is a sexual disease. The artist has painted himself as Bacchus. Anyone who is familiar with Greek mythology will know that Bacchus is the symbol of sexual liberation. This is the aspect of the painting which makes it controversial.

However, the controversy grew when the artists killed his lover and fled.

The Trench warfare by Otto Dix

This is not for the faint-hearted people. Otto being a soldier himself, expressed his horror through paint and brush. His paintings are famous for the graphic horror.

He worked on this particular painting while recovering from war wounds. Otto was banned from painting such horror after Nazi’s took over Germany.

The Last Judgment by Michelangelo

This is one of the Controversial Paintings which had attracted the attention of the art critics in the past. People still talk about this painting. This painting has given rise to a lot of controversy between the Catholic Church and fans of Michelangelo. The Church outraged by the nudity depicted in the painting said that the painting was befitting the walls of public toilets. The genitalia that Michelangelo had painted had been veiled for the purpose of censorship.  However, later these had been partially revealed for the benefit of the public.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

When it comes to controversy Leonardo da Vinci would be an expected name. But, Mona Lisa does not make it to the most Controversial Paintings list for nudity or violation. It is due to the multiple interpreting aspects of the painting, it is still the one to confuse people.


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