10 Things You Don’t Know about Early Rising

Joining the 5 am club might not be fun, especially in winter days. Also, on Sundays mind rebels at the prospect of leaving bed when the outside is still dark. However, there are countless reasons for which you should rise early. In fact, you need to make a practice of early rising, seven days a week.

So, what are the reasons for which you should leave bed early? Here are some reasons to wake up early, every day.

Great Start

Well, you need to leave bed early for an awesome start. Have you ever noticed those who wake up from sleep with the first light of sun? These are the people who make it a point to sing and go through the day with high positive energy. Their energy is almost contagious if you take a closer look. Why is this so? Well, when you join the 5 am club, you get to breath in fresh air which is the secret of positive energy.

A tip to stay positive all day long is – make it a point to meditate after waking up. You will notice immense change in your thought and your attitude.

Problem Solving

The ability to solve problem comes from positivity. When you wake up early you get to be more energized. This gives you the ability to find solution of problems quickly. It is not only your mood, but, your working capability will be better too.

Higher Energy

It is proved that people who wake up early, get better rest than those who go to bed late and wake up late. When you get better rest, you become habitually more energized. There is another benefit of better rest, it gets your blood pressure level down. This is why, you should leave your bed with the first light of sun.

Better Work Out

When you wake up early, you get more time at hand. This gives you better opportunity of working out. This is one of the reasons why 5 am club members are physically fit. They also get more time to practice wellness. After a long day of work, it is natural to get tired. In this case working out will be a problem. However, if you make it a practice to leave bed early and sweat out, you will be flaunting better physique.

Better Productivity

Waking up early will give you the opportunity to be more productive. It is a proven fact that people who wake up early work better and faster than the night owls. If you want to make it big in your career, you must wake up early and start your day with a positive attitude.

Better Pondering Time

Well, you would be able to sit with yourself and spend some alone time when you leave bed early. This me-time you can spend with your journal. Speakers like Robin Sharma encourage people to write in their journal every day. However, getting after a long day might be impossible. Therefore, steal time early in the morning and see what you can find about yourself while journaling in the morning.

Every Successful Person Wakes Up Early

Well, yes, if you don’t want to join the 5 am club, this is one of the motivator. Everyone who has made it big in life wakes up early.

So, set your alarm and start getting up early from tomorrow morning.



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