20 Signs that Prove,- You are Creative!

Not getting great academic grades don’t always prove that you are not creative. Not everyone is blessed with the art of creativity; there is a very few number of people who have it!

Here are 20 signs that prove that you are creative:

1. Staying up at night

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Do you stay up at night and think about your life or think about different creative things? If yes, then that is a sign you can relate to the creative people as most of them stay up at night!

2. Are you sometimes lost in your imaginative world? 

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 Most of the creative are lost in their own world; a world of imagination and melody. Poets and writers mostly have their own world.

3. Finding Ordinary things Remarkable

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 Unlike most, the creative people find or try to make ordinary things extraordinary and that is something a creative person should be like.

4. Having Issues with The Society

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 Do you find the society weird sometimes or the authority? The creative people do, as they are different from the people who are not.

5. Question Bank: 

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Most of the creative people are question banks; they are always curious and they always look for answers to their questions!

6. Bad at Judging Yourself:

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 Most of the creative people are bad at judging themselves as when a creative person makes something he does it with heart and whatever he makes it seems good to him.

7. According to them, Other’s Taste isn’t Good

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The creative people have a different taste in most of the things, for example, music taste, art, and many others.

8. They Hate Typical Stuff

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The creative people don’t like the stuff which they see every day; they search for unique stuff instead.

9. The Ability of Thinking 

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They think slowly but extremely deep.

10. Having Good and Witty Sense of Humor

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 Most of the creative ones have a sense of humor that is wise and funny too.

11. Fast Improvement

Whatever a creative person does he/she does it with heart and that’s why they improve faster.

12. Can’t Face Declination

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Creative people face a huge mental breakdown when they get rejected and that causes a terrible trauma for them!

13. Money Can’t Buy You

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 Money is nothing for the creative ones! They prefer love and happiness to money.

14. They Don’t do What they Don’t Want

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 Creative people are stubborn and it is tough to make them do something they don’t want to!

15. Finding Tough to Get Along with New People

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 They find it tough to get along but when they get along they are the closest friends.

16. Straight Forward

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 The creative ones say everything on others face; they don’t backbite or make fake stories!

17. Finds Regular Life Boring

 Getting a daily job and working on it from morning to night? It’s not their kind.

18.Different Ambitions

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the creative ones choose Music, art, and most of the artistic ambitions.  

19. Observing Everything

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They stay quiet but observe everything that passes by.

20. Irresponsibility

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 Most of the creative people are that they are irresponsible! Forgetting about homework is common in all of them!



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