3 tips to bring back ‘Fun’ to you busy lives

How often do you spend some time in doing pure fun stuff, and not because it’ll do go to you? How much time at all do spend in having ’fun’? For most the answer would be ‘not enough’ but, you must understand that it has to change. If you stop having fun just for the sake of it, then after a point even people won’t enjoy being around you because you’re not much ‘fun’. Never let that happen. Here’s what you can follow in taking time out for ‘fun’ no matter how busy your life gets:

Question yourself- What do you like to do the most?

This question can be tricky to answer spontaneously if you have not done anything just for fun’s sake off-late. It is crucial that you answer this. Well, if you are stuck, pause for a while and think of all your fantasies for spending a perfect day or evening out. However, even if that does no good, try to rewind back to the good old childhood days and see what you liked to do the most. Even playing Frisbee at a seashore can be a great way for fun

Schedule fun for every week

Whether it is a day or just an evening, keep some side aside every week for some purely fun activities. You can either do it alone or loop in friend and family into it.

Be adventurous-try something New

This is no mandate or a rule book to ‘fun’ but, if you utilize your fun time in trying something that you haven’t done previously, you’ll be able to add value to your ‘fun element’ and open all the creative locks of your mind. This will help you create vivid memories. After all, it is all about making memories when it comes to having fun.



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