Charm, Appeal and Poise – Unleash the Feminine Flame

Time passes by. Along with it come changes in fashion, style and manner. However, the basic remains the same. The core value of ladies which men find irresistible does not change. So, the question is – how can you have more feminine grace.

Less is More

Don’t paint yourself up. Dolling yourself up does not mean, you will go all the way using makeup. Little kajal and lipstick can do wonder when you have great skin and hair. So, instead of adhering to makeup, you need to focus more on quality. Spend time taking care of yourself. Improve skin texture. Same goes for hair as well. Greasy, dirty hair will never be able to bestow the required grace upon yourself. Therefore, work on yourself.

Maintain Composure

This is important because anger is not attractive. Lashing out at people does not look good when you are training yourself to be ladylike. Train yourself to stay calm under any situation.

Posture Baby Posture

If you have watched the Barbie movies you would know that posture plays a great role in adding feminine grace to a personality. Make sure to sit straight and talk tall. This will add poise and elegance to your over all personality.

Send Value Across and Not Volume

Well, don’t get yourself involved in shouting matches. Instead, make sure to be the voice of polite reason. This looks more attractive on a woman. Remember to smile more. This is a feminine weapon which can take you far in your quest of finding feminine grace.

Take Time, Move Slow

Add time to your movement. This will add grace to your overall personality. Bumping into things does look sexy. Think about it when you are walking around. Make it a habit to move slowly.

Invest on Yourself

You need to gain knowledge to appear more attractive to the people. Of course, that does not mean you will have to study rocket science but you need to find update yourself and gather knowledge to have an intriguing personality.

Display an Open Personality

In the complexity of life, make sure to add something fresh to look forward to. This you can accomplish by training yourself to be more open and be friendlier. Grace is all about how you deal with people. Yes, looks works. Dressing right is important as well. But, you need to add the grace to your overall persona for better result.



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