Do These for a Balanced and Open Heart Chakra

For a happy life, you need a balanced heart chakra. This everyone knows. However, what people don’t know is, how to open their heart chakra. Heart chakra when improperly balanced can create a lot of problems. You might become controlling, withdrawn or even depressed. There are many other pitfalls of the unhealthy heart chakra.

Here are some ways to open your heart chakra.

Be in Nature

You need to stay close to nature if you really want to have balanced heart chakra. Let the green surround you when you are trying to open your heart chakra.

Mediate Green

Green meditation is a great way to the opening heart chakra. You need to see green light entering you when you are meditating. While this might not be an easy task at the initial stage, you need to remember that visualization can be difficult. However, with practice, you can do it without trouble. The secret is to – be committed.

Inhale Green Light

When you are inhaling, you need to think about green light entering your heart. This is a great visualization which can help your heart chakra to open up. However, not only at the time of inhaling, you need to visualize negativity going out of your system with each exhale as well. You need to focus on the positive energy all the time.

Believe it to See it

To open your heart chakra, you need to believe that love is possible. There are people who have grown negative towards love due to the hardship which life has presented before them. However, this is not the right approach. This is why you need to believe in true love. You need to believe that true love can happen. This is a firm step towards heart chakra opening.

Practice Yoga

You need to practice a lot of yoga if you really want to open up your heart chakra. Camel pose is especially good for heart chakra opening. However, it is important that you seek the assistance of an expert before going to yoga practice.



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