Failures way to Success


” There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.” — Oprah

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been struggling for their existence, then for success. The never-ending thirst for success is met only by those who are determined enough to face the struggle. Presenting seven such personalities whose struggling stories touch hearts of thousands on daily basis.

1. J.K Rowling

Back in 1994, JK Rowling fought against a sour relationship with her husband, took care of her daughter Jessica single-handedly, wrote a book that changed the literary world for eternity and also got it published. As a single parent it was hard for her to get a job and she, therefore, had to live on government aid. Her poverty obstructed her from buying a computer or photocopy her work hence, she manually typed each version of the first Harry Potter book and sent to the publishers. After getting several rejections her work finally got accepted by a small London publisher Bloomsbury and we all know what happened next.

2. Charlie Chaplin

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Even after facing a lot of struggles initially due to sharp poverty conditions and absence of parental care, Charlie Chaplin emerged as one of the most prominent comedians of all time. Back when he was a child, Chaplin’s mother had no means of occupation while his father did not provide for his family. Gradually his father not only became a drunkard but also an abuser. Later on, his death put an end to their trauma. By the age of 13, Chaplin supported himself by working at various places and only had the dream of becoming an actor and that’s what he became after facing such storms in life.

3. Michael Jordan

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Known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jeffrey Jordan had to face a number of ups and downs to reach to the peak where he is now. Jordan, when young had the gambling addiction that h had to fight away on his own. His father was killed while he was sleeping in a car and was found a way later than the time of the incident. Personal issues like splitting from his other half also left scarf on this man’s heart and mind. Nevertheless, he stood tall and faced everything with a brave heart and achieved what he wanted.

4. Abraham Lincoln

He is known all over the world as the 16th President of United States Of America but little is known about this man’s struggle to fame. At a very young age, he lost his mother as well as sister. This famous personality even underwent bankruptcy in his life. Loss of his beloved fiance made him fall sick and he became bedridden for a long time. However, he never gave up on his dreams and hopes in spite of several personal and public failures he got elected and held his sear for four long years as per the tenure.

5. Rajinikanth

The man who is known as the King of south the famous Rajnikant started off his career as a carpenter, cookie and even a bus conductor. Inspire of being poor, he never gave up on his dream of acting even when his parents were not fully supporting his choice his desire for acting kept him going and he went on to become one the prestigious personality in the industry.

6. Nawazuddin Siddiqui


This man does not belong to an affluent family but knows how to win hearts in seconds. Born to a farmer family Nawazuddin had to serve the country as a chemist in a petrochemical company and later on as a watchman. His passion for acting drove him to Mumbai where like many others he had to struggle to get those meaty roles. Soon he got recognized as Bollywood’s next big thing and since then he has climes the ladder of success only upwards.


7. Walt Disney

Walt Disney এর ছবির ফলাফল

We all love the channel and the creator is equally lovable and honorable. Walt Disney’s road to success like many others were dotted with difficulties. He wouldn’t have achieved so much if not for his hard work and determination. He was put to work at a very early age, had only completed 8th standard studies, had no prior training in art and animation. He even suffered business setbacks but whatever, the case has he brushed them aside with patience and became one the greatest visionary of time.

Hence, no matter who the person is the one common string that binds them all is the struggle behind their success. They proved that in need no work is small and that hard work, determination and patience sometimes does beat talent.


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