Dr. Gourisankar Roymahapatra – The pride of Bengal

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On the suburbs land of Delhi, entire Bengal became proud only because of Dr. Gourisankar Roymahapatra , lecturer of Chemistry of an Engineering college of East Midnapore.

Starting his career as a Chemist in a Chemical factory, he later shifted to Lecturership and Research, for his keen interest in those fields.
   At present, he’s serving as a professor of Chemistry in the oldest private engineering college of West Bengal, Haldia Institute of Science & Technology. He chose how to extract Chemical from gold and silver and to make medicines with it as his subject in Ph.D
We’ll know that from the inception, gold and silver have been used as medicines and Ayurved. This encouraged him to research on the field. He was assisted by IIT Kharagpur, Priyongboda Birla Eye Hospital and some of the researchers from Brazil. Under their hard work and dedication, a new Antibiotic is invented which is published in ‘Current Medical Chemistry ‘(2012) and ‘Plos One ‘(2013). According to Mr.Gourishankar and his colleagues, the antibiotic will be useful for curing “Keratitis” (Click here to know more)  an eye disease. He has been awarded ‘Distinguished Young Scientist Award – 2014’ for the invention. After working for a long time in the art industry and presently teaching in an Engineering college, he’s currently busy in making how to use hydrogen gas to be used as fireworks in future. For this, he’s assisted by NIT of Rourkela. Besides research and training, Mr. Gourisankar is also engaged in making children from rural areas accustomed to Science. For this, he’s been helped by Indian Chemical Society and others.
For his research in Antibiotic, he has been awarded “Bharat Gaurav” today by India International Friendship Society at India International Center in Delhi. Mr. Gourisankar dedicated this award to his colleagues and family. He said, “this award will encourage me to do further research for the betterment of mankind. I’m quite grateful to my colleagues, my family, my guide and Haldia Institute of Science & Technology. And also to various other persons in my life”.
uraaVi.com congratulates him for his achievements. We’ll wish that Mr. Gourisankar and his colleagues will continue their research for the betterment of society and will make our country proud.


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