“I will nail it” – Ushasree


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The dream of a medium class family started taking off with Ushasree’s wings. Sadly! An intrusion dented all of it.

From her childhood, she was known to be a studious girl who loved her eyes to get glued to the pages of books.

Ushasree cleared the hurdles of Secondary and Higher Secondary examinations with flying colors and now she paused for a good job that will be the pilot of her remaining career. Didn’t happen! Blood cancer vacuum cleaned her parents financially and that became the spoiler of the runway so the plane was unable to takeoff. Now her parents decided to seek help from the ‘Chief Minister’ and the ‘Prime Minister’.
Ramnath Chakraborty (Father of Ushasree) belonging from ‘Sodepur Pansila’ lives in ‘Durgapur’ because of his transferable job in a non-governmental organization. His daughter, Ushasree Chakraborty cracked the secondary examination and the higher secondary examination appearing from there only in 2008 and 2010 with 89% and 95% of marks respectively. After passing out from school, she took Physics Honours as her subject and got admitted to “Lady Brabourne College” (Kolkata). Ushasree completed her graduation with (73%)-In 2016 she acquired radiophysics and a B-Tech degree in Electronics.

Now, she started preparing for a job that could suit her academic qualifications. All of a sudden! In July 2016 Blood Cancer got injected into Ushasree’s life. Her parents took her to Chennai, Mumbai for her treatment. As it were not up to the mark, the Chakraborty family shifted to Kolkata for treating her to Tata Cancer Hospital. The treatment took about 8 months and consumed 18 lakhs. They went back home and as per the doctor’s advice, Ushasree’s preparation for her dream job again resumed.
12th of February- Ushasree got employed in a project of Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (A Government Of India Undertaking). But after 1 month of her joining Ushasree again fell ill. Forcefully she had to take a leave on 17th of March. She got admitted to the hospital!
According to her mother-more, 50 lakhs will be needed for her treatment. Her father had already asked for help from their relatives and neighbors.

What about Ushasree?

She said, “I can’t be defeated I will definitely win and I have to come back to form!”.

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