In Darkness – Be Your Own Light

Life is not easy.

You have learned that already. No textbook in the world can teach you what life can teach you – by getting you down on your knees. No matter what they say, no matter how much they deny, and no matter how hard they tell you to ignore, you cannot escape the darkness.

It is around you. It is around the world. It exists, like the black hole. And it is engulfing.

In the darkness, people usually lose the most precious thing they hold dear to their hearts – themselves. They reach out and find empty air reaching back.

Tough, isn’t it? So, what do you do when this darkness engulfs you. At some point of time, everyone endures darkness of some kind. It might be a bad breakup, it might be the death of a family member or might be a disease which would not heal. It might come in any shape and any form.

Darkness is scary. You know why, because, it does not reveal what’s waiting beyond the veil. It comes with immense possibilities.

Darkness Survival Kit

Sounds funny right? What do you carry to survive the inner darkness? Here you would not find a torch, right?

We say wrong. Even if the darkness is inside you, even if it is causing immense pain, you can get a torch and chase the darkness. You need to become this torch. You need to ignite yourself in a way that the darkness bows before light.

Darkness and Possibility

Metaphysics claims that the whole universe has emerged out from the black hole. It is from darkness the life has come forth. There is darkness in mothers’ wombs as well. Yet, inside it, life grows. You need to identify the possibility. You must recognize the vast realm which darkness has to offer.

No, you need not be the Lord of Darkness or Lady for the matter. You need to chase the fear away from your heart. You need to embrace the chance to wear the veil of darkness and prepare for the future.

Today, you might not feel grateful for the situation life has put you in. But, if you accept, if you trust, you will one day be thankful for the opportunity to grow.

Had Edmond Dantes not gone to prison, the world would have been deprived of the marvelous novel Count of Monte Cristo. The eighteen-year-old Edmond needed to go to prison and grow there to acquire the immense wealth which the creator had planned for him.

Today, when you look up the stars might seem too far away. But, one day, you will stand and you will look up to find the same stars shining down upon you. This is the best thing about life.

When Life Gets You Down

So, let us tell you something you already know. You need to keep moving. You might be hurting. You might be missing your love. You might be missing your time together. You might be living in memories. But, life does not stop. You need to become your own light when the tunnel looks too long and darkness too intense.

Invest in yourself. Read books that others are not reading. Do things no one else is doing. Improve yourself. Lose weight. Learn a language. Write a book. Start a blog. Motivate someone. Make someone smile.

There are so many things you could do to make a difference. Do the things no one has done for you.


Hold someone’s hand and say – life is beautiful. Be the light when no one is switching on to the bulb.




Model: Kohinoor Chakraborty

Creative Direction & Photography: Debarghya Mukherjee


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