Law of Attraction Success Story – Is Manifestation Coming

Many want to know about Law of Attraction Success Story because sometimes it seems that the attraction process is not working. However, there are times when people don’t get to see the result even though manifestation is just waiting around the corner.

So, how to know that you are inching closer to manifestation? Any Law of Attraction Success Story book will tell you that there are signs which tell you that whatever you are trying to attract is coming your way.

Increased Intuition

Yes, this is the first sign that manifestation is nearing you. It is explained in law of attraction books as well. If you find yourself thinking of someone and the person calls, or, if you think of a song and it starts playing in the radio, you can be assured that you are attracting things your way.

Deeper Sleep

People usually start sleeping better when they are closing towards manifestation. They find themselves sleeping without interruption. In fact, the dreams become vivid as well.

You will see that you are experiencing more and more peaceful dreams. So, when you find that you are getting good rest at night and you are actually sleeping better, make sure to thank your lucky stars. These are signs that your manifestation is working.

Past Comes Back

The law of attraction books explains that when manifestation is around the corner, people or incidents from the past come rushing back. This happens to help you release the pent-up energy which you had been holding inside for a long time.

Number Synchronicity

You will find yourself looking at repeating numbers more and more. You will experience seeing numbers like 444, 333, 222, 111 and 1111. These numbers will appear in your life constantly. This says that you are nearing manifestation.









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