Manifest Your Desire with Journaling

Despite what they say, the law of attraction works. You need to make it work. However, this is a commitment which you need to willingly adhere to. An easy way to make the law of attraction work for you is – journaling.

Yes, even if it sounds strange it does work. In fact, it has worked for many. There is no reason, it would not work for you.

So, where to get started from?

Buy a Journal

Yes, of course, you need a journal. No award for guessing that. But, any journal will not do. Since you are going to create your life here, it needs to be special. Having said that, it means, the journal needs make you happy. It must be something which attracts you and makes you want to come back. If a school exercise book does that for you, feel free to write your desire in the exercise book.

Remember to use this journal for the law of attraction only.

Write in Present Tense

Yes, this is one of the tricks to let the feeling pour over you. The law of attraction experts says that you need to have the feeling to make the law of attraction work for you.

So, write as if it has already happened to you. An example is

Dear Diary I am so happy to be promoted to the position of general manager today. Along with the job responsibility, I got a pay hike as well…

You might not want to be the general manager of the company. You might be looking for your soul mate to come to your life. However, the technique is the same. If you are looking for your soul mate, write your first date as if it has already happened.

Commit to your journal and make it a point to write every day. Stick to it.



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