Netaji Subhas Bose – A Tribute to the Hero

It was on 23rd Jan 1897, Subhas Bose was born. Being born in a upper middle class family, he was supposed to become a Government employee following the path of his father. He was supposed to lead a comfortable life. He was also supposed to die a comfortable death.

However, he chose to do neither. Thus, India found in him a unique leader who rose to be a legend – Netaji Subhas Bose. Like legends, he did not die either. He lives in the hearts of the Indians. His legacy is still vibrant not only in the pages of history but in the pride of the nation, for which he had given everything he had.

The story, which could be an epic, started with undying patriotism. He loved his country and could not tolerate the slavery which the nation was forced to endure at the hands of the British.

The Young, The Radical

Bose gave wings to the radical Indian youth who gave up everything they had for the freedom movement. Netaji Subhas Bose stood strong against Gandhiji’s fighting philosophy. He believed in hitting back and that made him different from the Gandhiji movement.

The sacrifices he made for the nation were still regarded as the greatest sacrifices. He stood for total freedom when every other freedom movement leaders were asking for partial freedom. He wanted all or nothing.

Even though there were people who opposed the view Bose had, no one could raise question on his patriotism.

The intense desire to free him nation took Bose out of the country. He understood that getting freedom would be impossible if he remained in India. The search for assistance took him to Germany. He followed the philosophy of joining the enemy of the enemy.

Netaji and Literature

In his lifetime Bose had written numerous books to express, to inspire and to motivate. Later, his adventurous life had attracted many writers. There are countless books that have been written on the life of the daring leader. Even today, writers write about his life. People’s curiosity about the hero who some regard as forgotten, has never died.

Books on Subhas Bose are easily available online

Bose and Movies

Two biopics had been made on the life of Netaji Subhas Bose. In 1966 there was a Bengali biopic called Subhas Chandra. Later in 2004, the nation got to watch Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero. In 2011, once again silver screen welcomed the hero in Ami Subhas Bolchi.

The Undying Hero

Bose’s death continues to confuse people. There re unanswered questions which might never be answered. According to the traditional belief he died in a plane crash. It said that people saw Bose walking out of the ruin like a human torch.

However, Subhas Bose Death rumor claims that he did not die in the plane crash. In fact, some claim that the crash was a hoax which Bose played to fool the government. They like to believe that their hero returned to the nation and lived the life of a sage in Bengal.

Whatever the truth is, Subhas Bose will live in the hearts of the youth and old alike as inspiration.


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