Ron Woodroof: The Folk Hero’s Remedies of Aids

Hope sometimes begins where it ends, Ron Woodroof was a living proof of this statement. The folk hero was given an extremely short period of time to live after he was diagnosed to have HIV Positive (AIDS). It was definitely a break down for Ron Woodroof; the fun-loving activist; the doctors even stated that at most he was going to live for a month. However, he lived for six years after identifying the fact that he was dying of aids. He made his own remedies after researching about different medicine combinations to get cured of HIV Positive (AIDS), however, Ron Woodroof didn’t only do this for himself only, he helped many other people of that place who were having the same disease. That’s how Dallas Buyers Club was formed!

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Ron Woodroof was born on the 3rd February of 1950.He was an electrician and a fun loving person. However, he loved life and that is what dragged him all the way to become the phenomenal person he had become. Woodroof’s meds were popular all over the state at that time, Dallas Buyer’s Club was definitely a light of hope for most aids patients. What made it better was he did more than what many doctors could do even though he was never a doctor and never studied about pharmacy.

Having the guts of surviving HIV Positive (AIDS) when doctors have said there were no hopes needs willpower and that is something Ron Woodroof had. Having a willpower like him is definitely very rare to find. It was his research which made him come all the way and helping the people was another great thing he did by trying to find a way to live his own life. The man surely was a folk hero!


The Movie Based on Him

Dallas Buyers Club starring Matthew McConaughey as Ron Woodroof is actually a fantastic film which tells you his life story in a very brief way. All the sufferings the man went through and all the things he did to help the other patients. Matthew McConaughey acting made win the Academy Award for the best actor and on the other hand a Golden globe too for the same category! It was pretty obvious that he was going to win the Oscar as what he did in the movie cannot be done by a normal human being because it was ordinarily mind-blowing! Matthew McConaughey is definitely a favorite of many and this movie is one of the reasons behind his fame and fans.

Jared Leto won an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actor too. Leto’s Acting was out of the world and he played such a unique role so incredibly, however, it was unexpected and obviously blew most people’s minds. The movie was released in 2013 and it was one of the best films of that year. On the other hand, the Academy Award for the Best Makeup and Hairstyling was won by Robin Mathews and Adruitha Lee who gave the people of the movie a fantastic and original look. It was definitely Robin Mathews and Adruitha Lee’s magic which made Matthew McConaughey look so much like Ron Woodroof. This film has won 3 Academy Awards and was nominated for 3 other Academy Awards. Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing were the 3 other Academy Awards this film was nominated for.

The Death of Ron Woodroof

After fighting aids with his own remedies for six years, almost seven years, Rob Woodroof closed his eyes for the last time. He died of Pneumonia which was obviously a result of HIV Positive (Aids) It was a tragic moment of devastation for the people who were assisted by his remedies. Ron Woodroof definitely was another kind of superhero but yes, he was a living superhero who helped people to live. He was different, he thought different and he survived differently!

Image result for learn pngWhat Can We Learn from Ron Woodroof?

We humans can actually find light in the darkest places and situations if we seek properly! Everything has a solution we just need to look for it, an ordinary electrician like Ron Woodroof had found his way to not only save himself from aids but also many people. On the other hand, Woodroof taught us to not lose hope! What can be worse than knowing that you are going to die in a month? It was his willpower and high hopes which got made him do what he did. Where there is a light of hope there is a way for solutions, this folk hero is a proof!

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