Stephen Hawking: The Einstein of this Era

It’s definitely a sorrow that we lost him recently, his theories were out of the world without a doubt; he was a goddamn good at thinking outside the box. Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England on 8th January of the year 1942, a humorous coincidence is that he and another mad scientist Galileo shared the same birthdate but Stephen was born after exactly 300 years!

It was 1962 when Stephen went to Cambridge University for doing research on Cosmology. However, later he won a Ph.D. in the year 1965 and not only that but he also became a person who’s actually passionate about research. He has discovered a couple of most important things which has made our life easier and is still making it easier every day.

Here is a short list of his discoveries

  • Time

  • The Origin of the Universe

  • Big Bang Theory

  • Gravitational and Space-Time Singularities

  • Black Hole Radiation

  • A Universe Without Space-Time Boundaries

  • Atheism


 “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Stephen hugely believed in a lot of things and this was one of them, it is actually a true sentence which tells us about the problem of this generation. He was always there with this kind of thoughts rambling around his mind. Other than a theoretical scientist he was a really good philosopher without a doubt.


“We’re all different. However, bad life may see, there is always something you can succeed at.”

It is another famous quotation by this prodigious scientist and a philosopher. He believed in himself which made him come so far even after having the physical disability. Isn’t Stephen miraculous? He is one of the best scientists of this era; obviously, the most famous one and he has a disability which is rare. It is definitely the will which makes us go to places and come to light.

The Theory of Everything is a movie on Stephen’s life which focuses predominantly on his love life and I would say that it was one of the best biographical films I have seen so far. The Eddie Redmayne; the guy who portrays Stephen Hawking won the Oscar/ Academy Award for the Best Actor in a Leading Role, his performance was mind-blowing, to be honest. I would suggest everybody who hasn’t watched that film to give it a play.

Another coincidence is that Stephen died on the date Albert Einstein was born. He was nicknamed Einstein by most of his friend. His death is a supreme loss for this world, we are definitely not going to see another Stephen Hawking who would tell us about life and make discoveries like the ones he made.



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