When life gives you a second chance—4 acid attack survivors and their interesting love stories.

Fighting with our everyday problems,  we tend to forget about the bigger troubles that others face. We cannot dodge what is already destined to happen—be it good or bad. But to lighten the mood and add a touch of happy ending to our monotonous life, here are four such inspiring stories that will surely motivate us to move any mountain.




1. Lalitha Ben Bansi

The minor argument between her cousin and Lalitha had left later’s face burnt due to acid. The acid attack which took place back in 2012, stole away mere happiness from the woman’s life. However, things started to get better because of a wrong call! Lalitha met her husband Ravi over this call and they soon started to know more about each other. Ravi did his best to make her monotonous life colourful and once again made her believe in life, love and herself. Ravi proved to all that in the end outward beauty really don’t matter when it comes to the question of love.


2. Laxmi Agarwal

Rejection to a marriage proposal back when she was hardly 15-year old, made Laxmi cost her skin. The rejected person like any other mindless attacker attacked her back in 2005. Once Laxmi started to hope, Alok Dixit came into her life like the light at the end of the tunnel. Alok is a social activist and he liked Laxmi’s perception and spirit of life which made him fall in love with her. They didn’t tie knots by hosting a ceremony as weddings would only make insensitive people comment on bride’s looks. Both the families agreed to their live-in relationship and the damsel finally found her knight in shining armor and also welcomed their princess Pihu.


3. Sonali Mukherjee

In 2012, this name got a public recognition and became a household name because of the show KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI (KBC). Sonali like any other survivor gave us inspiration and motivation. She made us realise that God has a plan for everyone. Somali was attacked when she was just 18-year old. This attack left her depressed as she lost one of her eyes in it. As every cloud has a silver lining, the show that she participated in brought her in front of Chittaranjan Tiwari, an audience, who gave his heart to her instantly. A friend request on facebook and regular conversation later they decided to get married following all the Hindu rituals of marriage in 2015. What more? They had also been blessed with a girl child the next year in December.

4. Kavita Baruni

Getting rid of a clingy ex can be quite a task. Kavita also didn’t have it easy. Rather what she went through because of a jealous ex is unimaginable. The mindless person threw acid on her stealing from her the dream of a life that everyone desires. Nitish, to whom she was getting married with realized and understood that he was capable enough to give this girl a happy life and that’s what he did. Nitish didn’t flinch back after the heinous incident took place and they got married and entered into a new life happily.

These stories make anyone belief in love and God again and again. The bravery of these women to face the world as they are is incredible. The support they receive from their families and loved ones will always make them stand tall. There are several such women who don’t get recognition and a happy life after these incidents but the only thing they have after all is gone is their willingness to live and their unmatchable courage.



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