4 Steps to strengthen your hair

Every girl likes to have thin hair nowadays.

It helps to maintain coolness in this summer. uraaVi has some smart tips for you if you are looking to wrap yourself with a thin set of hair.

Just follow these simple tips:


At periodical intervals, you get a trim, and sometimes you feel like you have more hair than you began with right? Even though you might have cut-off your length, the ends feel worn out. So, keep your focus, especially on the ends. Don’t forget to moisturize your ends and go for usual trimming sessions.


For a thin hair, less is obviously more, You might be having two to three water based products in your collection. Be aware!!! Thin hair cannot be weighed down by heavy oily constituents. This may flatten your hair. It’s better you go for a volumizing mousse and make it your best buddy.


Tease your roots, whenever you like, it’s bound to give your hair a drastic difference. But overdoing it may give you a mushy look which is unappealing.

               4. NUT IS THE KEY

You know that coconut oil is an ingredient which acts as a magic wand. But in the case of a thin hair, it’s not at all your bestie. Instead of using oil, straight your hair up, browse for a mask that has the oil along with the hair WoWing ingredients.



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