Here 4 Tips For Glowing Under Arms!

Nowadays, we like wearing sleeveless outfits to shade our personal trendy appearances. But we have to keep in mind that we should have clean and shiny underarms.
This is why uraaVi is going to show you few stroke’s that will help you in dominating your dull and dark underarms.



Potatoes being rich in vitamin A, B & C act as a natural bleaching agent to your underarms. Try applying slices of potato or cold potato juice under your arms that will definitely disappear the discoloration and will soothe the skin also, with time. Application of potatoes with lemon can do the job too with better results for you.



Cucumber can play a vital role in brightening your underarms if properly used. There are few ways to exploit a cucumber. Firstly shred one cucumber and apply gently on your armpits this will simply filter the dark spots under your arms. Secondly, you can just grind the cucumber and make a juice of it. Apply that juice to your armpits to avoid the untidiness.



Paucity of exfoliation leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells in your underarms. Here the baking soda plays a captains stroke to restore the dead skin cells. This could be done by mixing the baking soda with a little amount of water to form a paste and then applying that paste placidly on your underarms will win the match for you.



Gram flour popularly known as “Besan” acts as an awesome scrubbing agent. This will help you in clearing the dead cells on your skin and make your skin tone even. Mix gram flour with a little curd and form a paste, then apply that paste on your underarms. Leave it until it dries. After it has dried, just wash it away with lukewarm water to get a shiny and glowing armpit.



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