5 Bedtime tricks to wake up with an Illuminating Skin

When we wake up in the morning after our sleep is over, most of us experience a mushy and filthy skin.

That mushy and filthy skin is obviously unacceptable and undesirable for you also, because you are an ‘uraaVi’ fan right?

Now think how can uraaVi let a fan like you go with all that! This is the reason ‘uraaVi’ will be telling you some bedtime policies so that you can wake up from your sleep with an illuminating skin.


1) Remove your make-up

This is one of the most common mistakes you do. Removing every traces of your makeup is crucial. This is because when you have removed your makeup, your skin gets a chance to breathe nicely thus becoming less prone to infections and skin rashes. You can remove the makeup by using olive oil, makeup removing pads and micelles water.


2) Do not take into account that a make-up remover can completely clean your face

‘uraaVi’ recommends you to buy a decent cleanser and does not forget to use it after removing your make-up, as it will erase the dirt and oil from your skin.

3) Your beauty kit must contain a night cream

This cream will offer hydration and nourishment required for your skin, Not only this, a night cream can also repair your damaged skin cells. Apply night cream in a thick layer before sleeping.

4) Pay attention to your under eyes

As you know the area under your eyes is the softest part of your whole body so you need to pay special attention for that. An eye cream can play the role for you.  Just apply it to cut dark circles and bulkiness under your eyes.

5) The Happy Sleep

Though few of the above things could be done to wake up from your bed with a glowing skin, you just cannot skip your snoozing time (at least eight to nine hours) , so that your skin gets ready to combat for the following day.



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