Co Washing for Curly Hair – Tips for the Bong Beauties

Co-washing is the new beauty fad. Women with curly hair are saying no to shampooing every day because of the freeze shampooed hair brings. They are co-washing their curls.

So, what is co-washing exactly? It is using conditioner instead of shampoo. Conditioners can cleanse the hair without making it frizzy. Of course, you should not expect the squawky cleansing from conditioner washing. But, co-washing does have the power to remove dirt with gentle strokes.

Can straight hair be washed with conditioner?

Remember that conditioner makes hair strands heavier. This is why, when you try this on straight hair, you will end up with flat hair looks. Because of the bounce, curly hair can withstand the weight.

Can you use it on scalp?

Yes, you can use on your scalp even though it is written on the bottle don’t put on your scalp. Co-washing is a tested process which does not lead to hair fall.

So, what is the frequency of co-washing?

Keeping in mind that Kolkata summer can lead to really sweaty scalps, you can use shampoo twice a week and co-wash your hair the rest of the days. If you are into intense cardio work out routine, you need to use shampoo thrice a week and co-wash your hair the other days.

What kind of conditioner should you use?

For co-washing, you need to use a lightweight conditioner that can be washed off easily. Heavy conditioners might cling to your hair strands.


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