Terrifying effects of smoking cigarette on your charming skin!

Having a cigarette in your hand and by puffing out smoke you think you look cool?

Maybe you look but the question is how long you can maintain your cool look?


You think the cautionary measures given to you by everyone is worthless or maybe you think smoking cause cancer only which a non-smoker too suffer, isn’t it?

Then let me tell you one thing smoking not only cause cancer but it also affects your skin. Yes, that’s the truth. The intensity of damage is directly proportional to the cigarette one smoke daily and also how long he has been smoking. This article will show you the damage that you already caused to your beautiful skin.



The chemical that you inhale through smoke accelerate the rate of aging. It makes your skin dull, coarse and makes you look older than your age. Most of the chain smoker has the gray tinge to their complexion.



The first sign of aging which should take place by increasing of age but thanks to the cigarette it is visible at much younger age. The nicotine present in cigarette constrict our blood vessels results in the cutting off the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Thus the wrinkles and fine lines appear.



Lips are the part of our body which gets affected at a faster rate. Due to the constant exposure to heat, it causes darkening of lips and makes it coarse and dull.darklips


The nicotine present in the cigarette makes the blood vessels constrict which result in the cutting off the supply of oxygen and nutrients.


 And due to the lack oxygen and proper nutrients, the capillaries and veins are more prone to break resulting in visible pigmentation and scars.


The chemical present in the cigarette reduces healing ability of the skin. Thus the cuts and wound of a smoker take much longer time to heal than a non-smoker. It also increases the risk of skin infection, blood clot.


Our skin has the ability to heal up if one leave smoking. Now it’s up to you if you want to quit smoking and live a healthy and beautiful life and give your skin the fresh air to breath.



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