Importance of getting facial for men

The facial is considered to be fancy for men.

It’s something related to women, soothing music, spa slipper and sliced cucumber does not really attract men.

But the reason why a man should get facial its simply because it helps to protect your skin from your daily shave routine or sun exposure. Their coarse skin and large pores help the sun to damage it in a better way.

 The major reasons why men should get facial are as followed.

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Oily skin

The higher amount of testosterone in the blood leads to the greater production of oil. Men skin tends to have larger pore than women thus more prone to acne. The facial helps to reduce pores as well as the tendency of getting acne. It is very much important for a guy to understand the necessity of getting facial, the way he needs a gym to maintain his body in the similar way he needs to get facial for keeping his face healthy and glowing.


Reduction of blackheads

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Due to the continued exposure to dust and sun, the pores get clogged and blackheads appear. Facial once a week is important to remove such blemishes and black head gives life to your face.


  Retain smoothness in skin

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Razor does more affect than any other to a man’s skin. Dragging those harsh blade on his skin makes it more coarse followed by inflammation and irritation of using a razor over pimples. The facial helps to reduce those inflammation and moisturizes skin. The smoother your skin,  the less painful your shave. It is a very good reason why men should do facial once a week.

Gets relaxation

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Those 30 minute in the parlour is the most pleasurable moments. You just need to lie and a hand will do necessary things to make you feel good. Massage helps to increase blood flow in the face and neck area resulting in toning your skin and facial muscle.

Facial is not only a women thing anymore it has a huge advantage over male skin too.





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