This summer, do you wanna look cool or a fool?

The sun is high above the head and is damn too hot. Would you like the scorching heat to ruin your plans to be a diva?

I hope not. Try something good to look good. Wondering what the ‘good’ is? Nothing to worry about, I can help you understand that.

The most disgusting stuff of the summer is sweat.
It makes us feel filthy. I can’t help you get rid of it, but would definitely be able to make you stop feeling disgusting. The most important thing to look ravishing yet protect your face from sweating is using a sunscreen. This will add a glow to your face and would also protect from sunburns. Also, you must always use a deodorant or perfume (the one you prefer) to keep your body odor in control. You have completed your base needs to stay cool in this hot season.

Now, what you need is a comfortable outfit. Anything and everything that you are comfortable in is always a cool pick. Be it traditional saree or kurta or an ultra-modern crop top and hot pants. If you can carry your outfit without any hesitation, even the sun would become shy.

So, now the question is, what kind of makeup would suit the climate?

Confused? Tensed? Have I put you in deep thoughts? Well, I will take you out of those thoughts as well. Summer is not a season for hard makeup. Though the sunscreen, foundation, compact you would use would claim to retain your makeup, the reality is it only works when you are at a cool temperature. So, keep the makeup light. Bold is not an option. A thin line of eyeliner, light shade of eye shadow, dark kajal and the perfect shade on your lips. There is nothing more you need to look cool or free cool.

Summer is just a season, but fashion and beauty will travel along forever. Seasons would come and go, trends may change. Fashion is you, beauty within you, be real, be you.



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