Top 3 Makeup Brands

Being a girl isn’t easy. Especially when you love makeup and you need to buy one.

Well guys, its hard for you too. When you need to buy gifts for your makeup freak girlfriend. There is a wide range of products to choose from.

Various companies, various brand names may confuse you, but try choosing among the pieces of stuff you like. Let’s suggest some of the top brands with wonderful products yet pocket-friendly.

1) Cameleon


This is the top rated brand for makeup. They have a huge range of products with a variety of price range. One of the best products is their ‘professional makeup palette-valentine special’. It has a huge range of colors and is also suitable for any skin type.

2) ADS


This is another famous brand name. It is widely used by professions as well as beginners. It comes within a wide price range. You can get these within ₹200 and can also go as high as ₹5000. You also get to choose among wide shades of color and can also get a variety of the quality. The ‘MARS’ product of this brand is a pocket-friendly choice with great variety.

3) MIB



It is one of the brands who has a stock of wide color range. They can serve you with the oddest of color to do with and yet make you look wow. The 177 colors makeup kit of this brand is a jaw dropping collection. It has the widest shades with skin friendly essentials. It also enhances your skin. It is very light weighted makeup to deal with.



    Cameleon Professional Make up Palette-Valentine Collection

    Cameleon Makeup kit

    MIB Eyeshadow Palette Travel Makeup Kit



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