Top 5 Makeup Artists and Parlors in Kolkata

Sometimes all you need is a change in your life and having a change in look can actually do a lot. Are you looking for some makeup artists and parlors in Kolkata? I would gladly say that there are many prestigious makeup artists and parlors in this beautiful city.

The Places and the people I’ve mentioned below are definitely the best Makeup artists and Parlors of Kolkata

Simandi Makeup Guru

The friendly voice of their makeup artists are going to make you feel really comfortable and they actually know what they have to do. This specialized services of this parlor are beauty treatment, bridal makeup, and side makeup.

They are definitely going to assist you as much as you expect! This is situated in Beliaghata Main Road, Seal Lane, Tangra, Kolkata.

Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon

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This is obviously one of the biggest salons/parlors of Kolkata. It is situated in the Sarat Bose Road of Kolkata and they offer you almost everything a parlor/salon can offer. If you are looking for a spa then this is the best place in Kolkata.

Ariyana Makeup Studio

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For women, this is the dreamiest place in Kolkata. There might be many makeup artists and parlors in Kolkata but makeup artists of this place actually know what to do with which customer. Definitely a 10 on 10. The address of this place is Badamtala Rd, Kamarhati, Agarpara, Kolkata

Arpitaz Hair & Beauty Family Salon

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This is the best family salon in Kolkata. A salon where the hairstylists and the makeup artists are really friendly and on the other hand, this is a place where a whole family can go together and get their hair dressed or do beauty treatment together. This is situated on the Hospital Road, Kalikapur of Kolkata.

Makeover by Reshmi

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Reshmi is definitely one of the most talented makeup artists in Kolkata. Going there is definitely a nice choice for bridal makeup and they also provide you other services of a professional Makeover place. This place is situated in Kolupara Lane, DhakuriaKolkata 700031




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