Do Zodiac Astrological Signs actually echo Personality Traits ?

Surely many have and still do take interest and thus end up exploring the world of astrology either to mock it, leave their fate to the stars or to just simply savor its mysticism. It is impossible that you haven’t questioned the scientific relevance of astrological or zodiac signs with their characteristics specific to particular months alongside it.

Well, as per recent studies it is concluded that individual personality traits are truly influenced by individual birth dates. According to a social scientist, the seasonal effects have a chance of being better analyzed if the personality traits of a larger group born around the same time of the year were averaged. Alone in individuals, the seasonal effects may not be as clearly understood. But, then it is only a pseudo scientific fact that is formed to appeal to the mass audience and is more or less based on the belief systems about seasonal effects and other events in relation to personality.

Thus, in conclusion, it can be said that the connection between personality traits and seasonality effects must not be taken with grave importance as the mechanism for the phenomenon is yet to be revealed. As a matter of fact, the birth month can certainly influence an individual’s mood, but remember, the fault is not entirely in your stars.


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