How Wild Her Dreams Can Be…

Have you ever thought of why a woman sits quietly doing nothing for hours?

Or what goes in her mind when she stays idle?

                          Well, let me tell you, dear men, a woman can never be in an unoccupied state of mind but constantly revolves around many things. A girl’s mind is a complex entity which possesses full of imaginations and fantasies. Every girl out there fantasies, some are open about it while some feel shy to talk about it. Sexual fantasies are considered as taboo thus kept as fantasies only.

Here is a list of few sexy dreams I bet will touch her forbidden desires.

Strangers at night One night stands are much desired for many women.

Let loosing yourself with a stranger you got attracted to a party gives much of a thrill and nerve. Who doesn’t want to have a sensuous great time in bed without actually knowing about him? Flirting is fun and when you do it aptly conversations may lead to somewhere else and end up making out with one. Oh my god! I can’t even imagine the amount of pleasure that will be received.

More is happier Women are crazy about having more, may it be clothes or jewelry or food then why not crave for more men and women. Why not desire the sensual touch of more than one man on her body. Being started by different naked bodies along with their sensual touch on her is a jaw-dropping sexy thing.

Love to Take Control It’s the 21st century and women are actively dominating in every sphere of life.

Be it at work or at home or even in bed women love to take dominance. Let your baby girl direct your action and show the way she wants you to pleasure her, to tease her and to make her moan the way she never did. Be her submissive and let her dominate you in whichever way she wants.

Touching another woman This is one of the seductive fantasies a woman has but they don’t talk about it much.

Tired of beard and muscle a girl sometimes fancy to feel other woman’s body and have a playful session. Having a physical affair with another woman and to let roll over her flawless skin is something orgasmic. It may sound naughty but then what’s the point of having a fantasy if it isn’t naughty. Being professional Many women feel like to be treated as a whore in bed. They want to be forced, choked, her hair being pulled while making out which is something usually seen in porn. They love it rough and passionate. The time, from stripping down all of your clothes and getting naked to the intense make-out, seems to be worthy of every second.

Being Sandwiched We often hear about guys wanting to make out with two women in the same bed. But less you know that your girl might just desire the same with two guys instead. Many women fantasize about having a threesome where she can be the center of attention and two guys working on her. It’s all about the attention she gets and she really does enjoy it.

Exhibitionism Women are bold enough to do anything.

Getting wet at public places and driving immense pleasure while people are all around you triggers a sense of adventure. Intimacy is something which is done privately but when you are in public and you ought to have fun in public, that drive is inescapable. When he pulls you close and kiss your neck and that starts you giving goose bumps and you get wet down that time you feel to make out then and there no matter who’s watching, kinky! Rape Fantasy This is the sexiest fantasy of a girl. Women always appreciate subtle to moderate domination in the bedroom. They pretend to be innocent and shy but they know how corrupt they can be at times. Women fantasize the kinkiest possible way to get her man to do the job. They want to be pulled by her neck, lock her arms kiss her forcibly the more she wants to resist. Pushing her against the wall and locking her hands above her head while he makes his way in between her legs feels irresistible. Her innocently wild eyes wanting for more but trying to get away. Pinning her down on the bed forcefully and spreading her legs making way to the very spot till extreme is the wildest dream for many girls. You can relate these fantasies with your girl but there are some girls whose needs are completely different.

The best way to explore is through conversations. Different girls have different fantasies guys do check what female fantasy does your woman has.


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