4 Must Have Attires For Every Women In Kolkata

‘Kolkata’ is springing up for its multiplicity of fabrics, weaving policies and colour breeds. Visit ‘Kolkata’, the exciting vibrancy, patterns, and textures of women clothing will drag you like a hungry cheetah looking for a prey nearby.
Here are some recommendations for you to buy dresses that are sure to turn heads –


If you want a glamorous look without much effort, go for a ‘Casual Maxi’. Be it in your friend’s circle or with your half better, wear it either with a pair of chic radiator sandals or ankle boots. It just CliCks you know!!


Nothing is as tirelessly eye-catching as a black ‘Slip style’. You can dress it upwards and downwards too, depending on what are you pairing with it. If you favour looking casual, then wear an oversized menswear sweater with your slip dress.


There are many festivals taking place throughout the year in ‘Kolkata’. If you want to appear festive, just cover yourself with a ‘Party Dress’. Don’t accessorize yourself too much, let your dress imply your identity.


If you are a traditional thinker, you must think of wearing a ‘Flared Dress’. This dress just looks outstanding if you wear it with a pair of jewel-toned satin pumps and it will be embossing your unique blend of style as well

The craze of women clothing in ‘Kolkata’ varies according to the weather, religion and local culture. These dresses will also give you a unique mix of attitude to wrap yourself up.




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