Bohemian Style Tips for Women

Bohemian style can be fun to strike. However, this is a difficult look to carry. This is why you need to be careful about the items you choose for the bohemian look. So, what exactly you need for this look? What items will complete your bohemian look?

A Long Skirt

Long or maxi skirts are the staple of a bohemian look. This skirt you can pair with graphic t-shirts. Or for a classy touch, you can wear a chambray top as well.


Ankle Boots

Go for a nude color when you are buying a pair of ankle boots. These are great to pair with skirts and also with jeans. You can wear a pair of skinny jeans with these boots. Or, you can wear a dress with the boots for great effect. Dresses look amazing with the ankle boots.

Hair Bands or Head Wraps

Head wraps are hippie look essentials. If you are determined about striking the bohemian style, you will need a printed head wrap. A hair band with right design will also help you augment the bohemian touch. For a better touch, you can wear elastic hippie headbands as well.

Maxi Dresses

These are also bohemian staple essential. When you are shopping for a maxi dress for the bohemian look, you need to go for geometric prints or natural prints. To get the best effect, you will have to wear chunky pieces of jewelry with the maxi dress. A denim vest will look great as well.

Gladiator Sandals

These sandals are answers to bohemian looks freaks’ prayer. Make sure to buy a sandal which comes up to the ankle. These can be paired with your maxi dress, maxi skirt and even with a short skirt. Go for high heels when you are buying gladiator sandals.

Knitted Tops or Sweaters

You will need a see-through knitted sweater or a lacy one for the bohemian look. You can do a lot with these. You just have to go creatively.



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