Chilling Summer

Summer days are back and it’s time to dress cool and feel cool again. A proper dress sense is all you need to put a bang in this weather.


When It’s the bright sunny day, and you have a plan, out with friends, try to go off-beat and yet look sexy. A combination of hot pants with long slit top would look great.woman-796339

It will let you feel the wind and you can be in your comfort zone.

While, for the guys, try out some Bermuda and T-shirts, they turn out to be the coolest picks ever. Try keeping your feet covered, you can go for unisex canvasses or rather sneakers. Though your feet might feel warmer for a while but it will keep you safe.

                                     Now, if your plans are at night, a party, a date or just a casual get together, try to look simple, yet smart and elegant. Girls can get hold of a long skirt ( be sure it’s pretty enough to be turned to one-piece), wear it over your bust, get a slick belt or a thick one and wear it on your waistline, it would turn to be an elegant one-piece (if you are uncomfortable with off shoulders, you can put over a shrug). Combine the dress with large hanging earrings, high tied ponytail and a pair of wedge heels.

Boys can get into skinny jeans and a short length, full sleeved shirt, with the cuffs folded, and shirt untagged. Prefer wearing boots, that looks classy and also attractive.


So, get ready for your summer days. 😉


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