Dress as you do your hair

It’s the summer time, too much heat and lots of sweat. Avoid looking terrible, exhausted and tired. Every morning you try all sorts of stuff to look cool, but by the end of the day, you realize that your plan didn’t work. We have some awesome blossom ideas to make you look pretty and sexy this summer. 


1)    High ponytail combo

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Tie a ponytail high above the head. It is one of the most comfortable hairstyles to go with. This is one of the most suitable hairstyles too. You can carry this style with any sort of outfit. But, a hot pant or Kapree with a sleeveless comfortable top would be a hot shot in the heat.

2)    Topknot paradise

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Knots are too sexy and yet very comfortable. It doesn’t let your hair tickle your back, saving you from irritations. It gives your hair a tidy look, which also enhances your looks. Drape a chiffon Saree with a sleek sleeved blouse or a halter neck one. The sexiest outfit with the sexy hair tie.

3)    Braids business

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Having long hair is sometimes really hectic. But, if you can handle it well then you can cover any style on your head. There are multiple varieties of braids to try on. Fishtail or waterfall gives you a sweeter look while the cross braid and fence brings out the elegance. Braids can be combined with any outfits. Wear a Saree or a salwar or get out in jeans and top, there are multiple braid styles to go on with your style.



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