Fashion Faux Pas that Will Blow Others’ Mind (For All the Wrong Reasons)


Well, our favorite time has finally appeared – the festive season. This is the time when, we go out with our handcuffs and Miranda rights, looking for offenders, committing fashion faux pas.

You have the right to wear anything. But, that can get you featured in the fashion police’s bad book. You can consult the list below to avoid incriminating yourself.

So…let’s dive in…

Lady in Red

Anyone who has an iota of fashion sense knows, how hard it is to carry red. Yes, bold and attractive, the color can ruin your looks in no time. You need to be careful about red if you are planning to wear a dress in that color for your New Year party.


The fact is – you should be cautious about anything that is red. Lipstick, footwear and of course outfit, you need to know how much too much before opting for it.

Why the caution, you might ask. Of course, you have the right to do it. We are glad that you exercised your right. You should be careful about red because it comes in numerous shades. Unless you have tested them all or you have a visionary stylist, give red a pass.

Harem Pants

They look funny all right. The fashion cops are still looking for the brain which had stormed this costume out in the open. These don’t complement any body type. These don’t make you look street smart either. These simply make you look foolishly funny.

Harem pants with a pullover and you would be ready for yet another fashion manslaughter. Please don’t do it. Please don’t wear those harem pants. Not in summer, not in winter, never. Do you get the point?

Harem Pants, Source:

Black and Blue

Although we like the combination, You see, blue goes well with black only when the shade is light. We have spotted enough people wearing navy blue with black to wish that they make a law against this combination.

First, it is difficult to carry. You need to have really easy going manner and nonchalant attitude to carry black and blue. Second, the combination has a shady aura which can make you look dressed down. The royalty of blue is reflected with golden or white. But, black my dear, needs no other color to magnify the surrounding.

Denim with Denim

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This is another tough look to carry. Unfortunately, people don’t understand, girls especially. They combine denim shirt with denim pants to look cool. Sadly, very few of them could strike the right look.

When combining denim with denim, you need to play with color. Don’t go for the same shade. It looks boring. It is better to wear a denim jumpsuit, you know.

Lastly, you see, the list is endless. The post could be too. However, like every good thing, this too shall come to an end. We have covered the most obvious ones that people commonly make. There are others like black lipstick, printed pants paired with printed shirts, but these are rarely committed fashion sins.



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