How to get ready in 20 minutes!

It is always claimed that girls take hours to get ready. If you are a girl, you are relating yourself now. It’s high time to prove those people wrong.

If you are tired of listening to all these, be prepared to put a sellotape on their face. Here, we are suggesting you ways to get ready within 20 minutes, so that you can look hot and sexy yet prove those people wrong.


1)    Keep your essentials arranged before hand

This is one of the greatest reasons for you being late. If you can’t decide what to wear at the eleventh hour, it’s obvious to be late. Keep everything organized beforehand. Decide what dress you want to wear and keep it near your hand, out of the wardrobe, decide the matching shoes, and also keep the make-up stuff near hand.

2)    Decide what type of makeup you would like to put on

Different type of makeup suits on different dress ups. As soon as you decide your dress, also decide the type of makeup you would like to put on. That will reduce the time of experimenting and would gain you time.If you are habituated putting makeups then you would hardly take 10 minutes.Else you would take 5 more minutes to be exact.

3)    Put your bags ready

Girls have a huge tendency to carry a handbag. Keeping the hand full is a habit. Well, the bag must match your dress, or else it would be a ‘oh-ho’, ‘eww’, ‘no fashion sense’ punch line maker. Choose it beforehand and keep it nearby. Fill it with the necessities you need to carry. But, don’t make it too heavy, it looks odd and also ruins your getup.

4)    Don’t mess up

As you have already put all your necessities handy, it already becomes easier for you to dress up, don’t get confused over.Put on everything as you have planned before. Ones you rethink over your idea, its increases your time complexity.

So, there is no need to give a second thought while you are getting ready, it can be done before hand while organizing everything.



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